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How to Reset PASSWORD for a “LOCKED” Oracle SQL- Developer Account

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ORA- 28000: the account is locked.”

Our mind becomes almost very restless when we have an important project to be completed within the next few hours and our Oracle DB gets locked due to attempting maximum number of incorrect password hits.

Error Msg

Now to unlock the account and reset the password you have 3 choices,

CHOICE 1: Wait till the LOCK_TIME is complete and then try the next maximum attempts.
CHOICE 2: Send a mail to the DB Administrator and wait till the Administrator Unlocks the account.
CHOICE 3: Follow the steps in this BlogPost 

Before following the below steps, please confirm that, you have logged into your Windows OS as an Administrator.

Now follow these steps,


Step 2: Type sqlplus /nolog
This command helps you to log into the sqlPlus Editor.
*Note- there is a space between sqlplus and /nolog

Step 3: Enter command CONNECT SYS as SYSDBA

This command helps you to connect to the SQL Server as Database Administrator.

Here SYSDBA is the ROLEName.

Oh wait, you are not yet connected… , SYS is the userName, now you have to enter the password to get connected

Step 4: Next Enter SYS_password
You will see the command “SQL>Connected”
Now you are the ADMINISTRATOR. So, you can control your SQL Server, which means you can control your DB Account even.

Let’s see how …

Step 5: Next Enter the following command

select username,password,account_status from dba_users;

This command retrieves the UserName , Password and Account status of all the accounts in your SQL Server.
You will also find your Oracle DB name that is “LOCKED” and the LOCK that is TIMED.

Account Locked

Step 6: Now our next step is to Unlock the account,
Enter alter user USERNAME identified by password;

Here my userName is AISHU. So my command goes like this

alter user AISHU identified by password;

STEP 7: Enter alter user USERNAME account unlock;

This command helps you unlock your account

You can check if your account has been unlocked by typing the command as in “STEP 5″. The Result should be as below.

Account Open

Step 8: Now Open your SQL Developer.

  1. Right Click on your DB Name.
  2. Click on Properties.
  3. Set your DBName,UserName Password. Configure the rest of the settings.
  4. Click on Test. If the Test proves SUCCESS, Click on Save .
  5. Click on Connect to connect to your database.

Hope you are happy in unlocking your account.

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May 10, 2013 at 9:01 AM

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