Error: [$interpolate:interr]$interpolate/interr? and $sce

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 When trying to load an iframe with url value fetched from controller, interpolate error occured as follows,

Error: [$interpolate:interr]$interpolate/interr?p0=%7B%7BembedUrl%7D…
  at Error (native)
  at v (
  at Object. (
  at n.$digest (
  at n.$apply (
  at Object.e [as invoke] (
  at d (

 Interpolate means , to alter/corrupt by adding something new. Angular assumed url loaded in iframe to be a corrupt one.

 This problem can be solved by using $sce service(Strict Contextual Escaping) with which we can mark the object(url) as safe.

app.controller("DemoController", function ($scope,$sce) {

  In the above code, url that has to be fetched in iframe is passed through $sce.trustAsResourceUrl(url). It returns an object that is trusted by angular which can further be used in ng-src.

 Did you know that, the above problem can also be solved by whitelisting url.


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