CDI – Lifecycle Management by Container

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We know that, CDI Managed Beans are contextual. Their lifecycle management is done by the container. One of its main advantages is type-safe dependency injection.

But how does it do it?
In the below code, during application initialization process, the container checks for Type-Safe Resolution for News bean annotated with @Inject and then instantiates it.


Here the container checks ,

  • if the bean type is equal to the required type(type: News here) at the injection point in Consumer Bean class.
  • if the qualifier of bean is equal to the required qualifier at the injection point.
  • (If no qualifier specified , then default qualifier is @Default)

public class News {
  public String getLatestNews(){
    return "FIFA 2014 WorldCup";

@Path(value = "consumer")
public class Consumer {

  private News news;

  public String tweetLatestNews(){
    return news.getLatestNews();

Any mismatch will result in unsatisfied or ambiguous dependency problem.




3 Responses

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  1. Nice article.
    You are writing a lot of articles in jee7 angular
    Can you write an article with all of them put together using nosql like mongodb? What is your view on MEAN? I focus on nodejs for REST, have you handled it? I think we should speak on security aspects as well.
    I checked your git sources as well. Code is very simple and clean.

    Good work!

    Veena Tripathi

    July 4, 2015 at 8:56 AM

    • Thank you Veena ! Happy to know that you like my articles.
      Nodejs yes, I have used it to develop quick light-weight code in a few mins.
      My view point on MEAN, I will write-it up as an article because it requires a complete end to end write-up discussion & analysis.
      I am adding your article request to my blog preference list.
      Please keep following.


      July 9, 2015 at 2:03 PM

  2. Any changes needed to make it work on tomee or wild fly? I can’t use glassfish in my production.


    September 16, 2015 at 8:55 PM

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